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SELECT id, date, short_story, xfields, title, category, alt_name FROM dle_post WHERE MATCH (title, short_story, full_story, xfields) AGAINST ('LIVING BIFIDOBACTERIA Living bifidobacteria are the natural probiotics, natural components, which make it possible to normalize the gut organisms. Unfortunately, the problem of dysbacteriosis becomes more and more urgent in recent years. This is bound up with deterioration of environmental situation, the use of more and more powerful (heavy) medicines for the treatment of certain diseases, improper feeding, stress and many other factors. Recently, more and more pharmaceutical companies are engaged in production of living bifidobacteria, the taking of which could improve situation. Living bifidobacteria are produced advantageously in three forms - in a liquid form, in tablets and powder. Live bifidobacteria, entering the body in liquid form, normalize the gut organisms and improve intestinal activity in the shortest possible time. Metabolic processes are stabilized, immune protection is improved while gut organisms are restored. And if you take into account that one of the main reasons of catarrhal diseases is a violation of immune protection in consequence of the partial absence of normal gut organisms, it is clear that living bifidobacteria are indispensable. Intestine with insufficient quantity of beneficial bifidobacteria is simply unable to absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which are received with food, liquid and in any other form completely. That’s why overall condition of health is getting worse, immune protection is reduced. Intake of living bifidobacteria in the human diet could not only quickly help to restore intestinal flora but improves overall condition of health considerably as well. Living bifidobacteria are distinguished from traditional medicines by the fact that they exert influence upon not only one organ but on all the systems and organs in general as well. Comprehensive approach makes it possible to solve other closely related problems, which are associated with the patient’s health.') AND id != 13 AND approve=1 AND date < '2018-10-21 05:26:33' LIMIT 5