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0 WHAT TO DO AFTER ALCOHOL POISONINGAlcohol poisoning or, in medical terms, alcohol intoxication is a condition that can threaten the human lives and health. The consequences and complications, which could occur in the particular case are depended on the fact, how much correct and efficient were compensatory remedies.

Primary health care after alcohol poisoning or poisoning of any products, containing it, should be boiled down to patient’s stomach lavage. It must be done before the arrival of accident-assistant squad.

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0 RESTORING INTESTINAL FLORA WITH FOLK REMEDIESThere are two species of bacteria in the human colon – bacteria, which are the normal flora, are conducive to fermentation of food and those bacteria that cause rotting. In that case, when bacteria, that cause fermentation, dominate in the body, the process of digestion is faster, the body gets all the necessary substances, including micronutrients, macronutrients and vitamins in full. In that case, when bacteria, that cause rotting, dominate in the intestine, a large amount of toxins and waste products are generated. Presence of the large quantity of bacteria, which cause rotting, and the small quantity of microorganisms, that cause fermentation, is called dysbacteriosis in medical terminology.

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0 RESTORING INTESTINAL FLORA AFTER ANTIBIOTICSThe use of antibiotics for the treatment of many diseases (especially if therapy is out of control) is often the cause of a number of side effects. Many patients have imbalance of normal intestinal flora. This leads to a number of serious problems, including digestion problems.

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0 RESTORING FLORA AFTER THRUSHThrush or candidiasis is a disease that occurs with about the same periodicity both in men and women. Many of us watched the commercial spot, in which the matter concerns the wonderful properties of the drug, which helps to get rid of the disease after intake of just one capsule. But that is not precisely true. Indeed, the use of antifungal drugs gives some alleviation, thus relieving the symptoms of the disease. But the result of this treatment can only be momentary. In order to get rid of the disease completely, it is necessary to know what exactly leads to its development.

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0 REASONS FOR AN UPSET STOMACHUpset stomach is a pathological condition associated with the violation of the main functions of the stomach (the production of secretion of glands for digestion of food and violation of its movement). When the upset stomach, patient could not only have unformed stool, as is commonly believed, but the pain in the upper abdomen, feeling of overfull stomach and heaviness, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, regurgitation, heartburn, gaseous eructation as well.

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0 LIVING BIFIDOBACTERIALiving bifidobacteria are the natural probiotics, natural components, which make it possible to normalize the gut organisms. Unfortunately, the problem of dysbacteriosis becomes more and more urgent in recent years. This is bound up with deterioration of environmental situation, the use of more and more powerful (heavy) medicines for the treatment of certain diseases, improper feeding, stress and many other factors.

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0 LIQUID BIFIDOBACTERIABifidobacterium supplement are drugs which contain probiotics. According to research results, some liquid bifidobacteria show a higher efficiency compared to dry remedies. This is associated with the fact that in dry probiotic drugs, the bacteria are in a passive condition. In some patients, this could lead to the fact that bacteria just do not have time to affect on the microflora positively before excretion out of the organism.

Taking into account the fact, that more than 100,000 of beneficial bacteria should be due to 1 cm2 of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, it is important to understand that dry bifidobacteria can increase the number of lacto-and bifidobacteria by approximately 100. Therefore, in case of serious disorders intestinal microflora it is recommended to choose liquid probiotics.

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0 LACTIC ACID BACILLI IN FOODSLactic acid bacilli in food products are of frequent occurrence. The question is, how to choose food that will saturate the body with the necessary bacteria perfectly.

Lactic acid bacilli are contained in breast milk in great numbers. Thus, the newborn baby gets enough of all the components required for proper digestion in the first days of life.

Considering the fact that lactic acid bacilli give rise to zymosis of fermented milk products, they are widely used while the producing of dairy products of every sort and kind - yoghurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream and others.

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0 HOW TO RECOVER FROM POISONINGIn order to understand, how to recover from poisoning, it is necessary to pay attention to the reason of poisoning, how long the main symptoms of intoxication became apparent. This could be done only on the basis of the collected anamnesis and made diagnosis. However, there are universal tips, which help to recover from poisoning quickly.

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0 HOW TO GET RID OF THE PAIN IN THE ABDOMENIn order to understand how to get rid of the pain in the abdomen, it is necessary to know what the cause of the appearance of the painful sensations is. The fact of the matter is that in contradistinction from some other organs and systems, the gastrointestinal tract is so arranged that one and the same pain, which is localized in one place, could indicate the presence of various diseases or their combination.

It is not infrequent that self-treatment of the painful sensations in the abdomen could be fraught with serious complications because the patient is by no means always in a position to measure the causes of the pain and find the right ways to relieve it without assistance.

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