The importance of the intestinal flora for the normal functioning of the body is difficult to overestimate. After all, in fact it acts partially as kidneys and liver simultaneously. The results of researches evidence that over four hundred microorganisms, that supply the normal work of the organs and systems of the gastrointestinal tract, work in the human body constantly. The total weight of all the organisms, that inhabit in the large intestine, is about one and a half kilograms!

Due to the normal functioning of the intestinal flora, the body is provided with protection. Since the useful microorganisms are constantly fighting against pathogenic flora. In addition, microorganisms synthesize all the necessary vitamins and essential amino acids, allowing the body to function normally.

Unfortunately, improper feeding, denormalization of work and rest, the use of large amounts of chemicals, high doses of sugar which is received with food and drinks, bad habits, stress, use of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hormonal drugs… this list of factors, destroying healthy intestinal flora, is not complete.

The renewal of normal intestinal flora is the process, which is vital for most of us. Thanks to the modern natural BIFIFORMULA complex, which consists of lacto- and bifidobacteria, it is possible to restore normal intestinal flora, to improve digestion and overall health. Quality and safety are guaranteed by compliance with standards and are confirmed by the conclusions of the Ministry of Health.

BIFIFORMULA drug is recommended as a dietary supplement to the diet of people whose way of life, nutrition, treatment leads to malfunction of the natural intestinal flora. Restoring flora after antibiotics is one of the main tasks, which this drug manages successfully. In addition, the product BIFIFORMULA promotes the improving of immune protection, helps to normalize digestion, prevents the development of allergic reactions, normalizes metabolism.