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0 LIQUID BIFIDOBACTERIABifidobacterium supplement are drugs which contain probiotics. According to research results, some liquid bifidobacteria show a higher efficiency compared to dry remedies. This is associated with the fact that in dry probiotic drugs, the bacteria are in a passive condition. In some patients, this could lead to the fact that bacteria just do not have time to affect on the microflora positively before excretion out of the organism.

Taking into account the fact, that more than 100,000 of beneficial bacteria should be due to 1 cm2 of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, it is important to understand that dry bifidobacteria can increase the number of lacto-and bifidobacteria by approximately 100. Therefore, in case of serious disorders intestinal microflora it is recommended to choose liquid probiotics.

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0 LACTIC ACID BACILLI IN FOODSLactic acid bacilli in food products are of frequent occurrence. The question is, how to choose food that will saturate the body with the necessary bacteria perfectly.

Lactic acid bacilli are contained in breast milk in great numbers. Thus, the newborn baby gets enough of all the components required for proper digestion in the first days of life.

Considering the fact that lactic acid bacilli give rise to zymosis of fermented milk products, they are widely used while the producing of dairy products of every sort and kind - yoghurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream and others.

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0 HOW TO RECOVER FROM POISONINGIn order to understand, how to recover from poisoning, it is necessary to pay attention to the reason of poisoning, how long the main symptoms of intoxication became apparent. This could be done only on the basis of the collected anamnesis and made diagnosis. However, there are universal tips, which help to recover from poisoning quickly.

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0 HOW TO GET RID OF THE PAIN IN THE ABDOMENIn order to understand how to get rid of the pain in the abdomen, it is necessary to know what the cause of the appearance of the painful sensations is. The fact of the matter is that in contradistinction from some other organs and systems, the gastrointestinal tract is so arranged that one and the same pain, which is localized in one place, could indicate the presence of various diseases or their combination.

It is not infrequent that self-treatment of the painful sensations in the abdomen could be fraught with serious complications because the patient is by no means always in a position to measure the causes of the pain and find the right ways to relieve it without assistance.

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0 FUNCTIONAL DIGESTIVE TROUBLEFunctional digestive trouble is a disorder of the gastric motility and the secretory function of the stomach with pain syndrome and signs of gastric dyspepsia without any clearly visualized structural changes in the mucous membranes. Functional digestive troubles do not belong to any one group of diseases, since secondary disturbances of gastric motility and the secretory function of the stomach with other intercurrent diseases and separate diseases are included. Furthermore, according to current medical classification, specific types of functional disorders, including habitual vomiting, air swallowing, acute gastric dilatation belong to this type of disorders as well.

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0 FEVER AFTER FOOD POISONINGFever after food poisoning is a natural reaction to the negative effects of toxins or other toxic substances. In addition, intoxication may manifest itself as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weakness, sluggishness, apathy and ache.

For the fastest recovery of the body, it is necessary to observe the proper day regimen and to normalize the nutrition.

It is important to keep feeding to a minimum on the first day after the poisoning. Meanwhile, it is necessary to drink liquids - water, black tea – as frequent as possible. The first symptoms of food poisoning are often over towards evening, on the assumption of the observance of the bland diet and plentiful drinking.

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0 CONCENTRATE OF BIFIDOBACTERIAConcentrate of bifidobacteria is a collection of gram-positive anaerobic bacteria, which do not form spores, are in the form of curved rods. The cells may be located in couples, separately, V-shaped, in the form of rosettes or chains.

Scientists have found that bifidobacteria are one of the main representatives of the human microflora, since are about 85-98% within the microbiocenoses, in other words, the processes occurring in the human body.

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0 ЛАКТОБАКТЕРИИ В ПРОДУКТАХЛактобактерии в продуктах питания встречаются достаточно часто. Вопрос в том, как правильно выбрать ту пищу, которая позволит в полной мере насытить организм необходимыми бактериями.

В большом количестве лактобактерии содержатся в материнском молоке. Таким образом, новорожденный с первых дней жизни получает в достаточном количестве все необходимые компоненты для нормального пищеварения.

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